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Granite Sink

Why is a sink made of granite one of the very finest?

The granite sink is an item of utility and sophistication and its use has extended way beyond the doors of American homes into the opulent settings of grand palaces and lavish five star resorts.

Granite sinks offer the ease of maintenance to fit on the busy schedule of the modern day lifestyle. Their beautiful texture and luster has made it into one of the most coveted items to embellish the lavish homes of the rich and famous.

Granite itself is a form of natural stone that can deliver the right kind of elegance to any home setting. Since it is the second hardest material ever found in the Earth’s surface, diamonds are used to cut the granite into pieces. The natural stones are normally found in a dazzling array of colors and patterns due to the unique formation process that happen naturally in the Earth’s below the Earth surface. You can find it in deep shades of black to the purest white you can imagine.

It is ideal for use in the kitchen and the bathroom and even in outdoor environments where a natural look is desired to create the harmonious effect you want. Adding granite to your home decor would simply mean that you are adding a piece of the Earth’s history and beauty into your living space. If you desire a different look, you may want to choose composite granite sinks, which are  just as equally resistant to stains and can tolerate high temperature as well.

If you are wondering what makes granite such as popular item among homeowners and designers, here are some a few reasons.

Reason#1: Stain Resistant

Granite sinks are stain resistant to most household items and that includes stubborn stains such as tomato sauce, coffee, tea, wine, mustard, beet juice and dyes. The granite is non porous so none of the particles will seep in and cause permanent damage.

Reason#2: Resistant to Heat

Granite sinks are tolerant to extreme heat changes and can withstand high temperatures and extreme coldness without breaking apart or losing their integrity.  Granite can tolerate up to 535 degrees Fahrenheit of heat without showing any signs of changes in the structure or color of the rock.

Reason#3: Durability

It is a hard and durable surface and only being second to diamonds in terms of hardness, no other stone comes close to the strength and durability of granite. It is resistant to chopping and chippings.

Reason#4: Highly Versatile

The granite sink, aside from being tough and durable, is highly versatile as well. It can be shaped into different interesting designs and highly functional features. the natural texture makes it unique and striking.

Reason#5: Color

The colored pigments are present throughout the sink and not merely on the surface. Therefore the color is uniformed throughout and would not fade or diminish with age and constant usage.

It is easy to keep a granite sink looking new and polished. Simply clean it with a soft cloth and soapy water. If there are stubborn stains, use a drop of vinegar and scrub it clean. You can even use bleach to remove tough stain as well.

If this doesn’t work try adding a spoon of baking soda to the area and scrub it clean.