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Composite Granite Sink

The composite granite sink comes in single bowl, double bowl, and undermount form.

It is an established fact that the composite granite sink can add a touch of elegance and glamor to your home. These are not only aesthetically pleasing but they are durable and strong at the same time.

Composite sinks are the result of mixing polyresin with acrylic fillers to create the new material. Granite composite sinks are the creation from the mixture of crushed granite and polyresin fiber. It produces a very dense material that makes it resistant to scratches and stains. It can withstand hot materials such as a burning hot pan that are placed n the surface without losing its integrity.

Composite granite sinks offer excellent support for all of your everyday cleaning tasks and can withstand the normal wear and tear of everyday use without losing its aesthetic quality. You don’t need to worry about spilled tomato stains, pepper or stains from turmeric powder to tarnish the look of your sinks.

The surface is non-porous and non absorbent, making it totally resistant to most spill and stains that are found in most domestic kitchen. The surface is normally composed of compacted rock granite particles, which lends it aesthetic quality and provides higher durability towards stains and tarnishing.

It can withstand heat up to 535 degrees Fahrenheit without damaging the condition of the surface. Regular cleaning and polishing would ensure it doesn’t lose its color and stain-free surface. a pan can go from stove to sink without burning or marring the surface. The composite granite is often made into solid color sinks and it rarely loses its color over time. It doesn’t fade nor chip off.

Composite granite sink for use in the kitchen are often built with large size bowls which different shade that allows you to match it with the rest of the décor you have in the kitchen or anywhere you wish to place the new sinks. There is the single or double bowl option and the bowls itself vary considerably in depth.

If you are planning to install the composite granite sinks over a countertop as an undermount sink, you may lose plenty of shelf space if you choose to go with the deeper bowls. But it can provide you with excellent cleaning space so you can soak up all of the large pots and pans without worrying about space issues.

Most granite sinks do not come with additional rims as these are often meant to be installed beneath the counter. This is a good point as it allows you to clean the rims and edges easily by a simple wipe. You can wipe all debris directly into the sink.

Maintaining the look of the new composite granite sink is a breeze too. Just mix a solution of vinegar and water and spray it onto the sink. Scrub the surface gently with a soft cloth. This should remove most of the dirt and debris and any stains on the new sink. Rinse it with clean water and wipe it dry. If you encounter very stubborn stains, then use a baking soda to remove the stains easily. Just rub a small quantity into the problematic pot and then rinse it clean.