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Copper Vessel Sinks

Copper vessel sinks are a popular bathroom choice, with plenty of vintage aesthetic and antibacterial appeal to offer.

Adding copper vessel sinks to any home can be a great way to create a more vintage and rustic look in any bathroom.  Plus copper is stronger and more durable than practically any other type of standard bathroom sink material.  That means they will last longer, and retain their great visual appeal for as long as you could possibly hope for.  All you have to do, is find the perfect copper vessel sinks for your home, based upon your own visual preferences.  While the general style may be similar from sink to sink, you’ll find that you still have plenty of options that can affect which type is perfect for you.

The way that copper vessel sinks are designed, is almost reminiscent of old washing basins.  They are round, and bowl shaped, and have that great natural rustic copper look.  Plus you’ll find that the real joy of sinks like these, is that they come with a variety of different types of pedestals that can be used to hold the bowl itself, giving you innumerable design options.  However, copper vessel sinks also require more care.  They can scratch more easily than other types of sinks, plus that copper shine will require extra care to ensure it doesn’t lose it’s rustic glow over time.

When you’re looking to buy copper vessel sinks of any kind, one of the most important things to think about, is the type that you’re looking to add to your home.  You’ll find that some sinks are meant to sit on their own, above a pedestal, so that they are basically standalone bowls.  While other types of copper vessel sinks are meant to sit inside a set of cabinets, so that you have a flat countertop in the area around the sink.  Really it depends upon personal preference when you’re looking for the perfect sink for your home.  But you’ll find that those that stand on pedestals usually add a little more of an elegant style edge to any room.

You will also need to think about the type of base that you have for your copper vessel sinks.  This type of metal can be fairly heavy, so you want to be sure that an existing set of cabinets can hold the bowl perfectly.  Or if you’re choosing a pedestal, you’ll want one that’s stylish and sure to match the rest of the room.  Usually it’s a good ideal to match the rustic color of the copper, but there are plenty of other types that you can choose.  Just be sure that the type you settle on is strong enough to handle the weight of the sink, without a problem.

When it comes to actually buying the copper vessel sinks you want to add to your home, you’ll find there are a variety of places you can go to find exactly what you’re looking for.  You can find some options at home furnishing retailers like Home Depot or Ikea, but you can also shop online.  Because copper vessel sinks can be expensive, you may even want to consider shopping online, so that you can find a great lower price.  Through websites like CopperSinksDirect.com or VesselSinkUniverse.com you can find literally any type of sink that you could possibly want, at great low prices your wallet will appreciate.