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Glass Vessel Sinks

Glass vessel sinks are amongst the best in the bathroom, with square, rectangular, and round models made in clear, tempered, frosted and more forms.

Adding unique sinks to your home is a fantastic way to bring more character to rooms like the bathroom, so that you can create a much more trendy and stylish atmosphere that people are really going to be receptive towards.  Through innovations like glass vessel sinks, you can make washing your hands every day a revelation, as you can become encompassed by the beauty of your sink, and bask in the glow that it can bring to the aesthetic of your kitchen.  All you have to do is find the right type that you know is going to change around the look as well as make the most positive impact.   There are all sorts of different types of glass vessel sinks out there, but not all are going to be perfect for every bathroom.

What makes sinks like these so unique is in their overall construction, and the way that they are made to sit atop a counter.  These types of sinks are not like the standard drop in types, and instead they sit atop the counter almost like a giant bowl.  Plus the look of the glass gives you a really unique and fun take on the standard type of sink materials that you’re probably used to.  But of course it is important to note that you have to have the right type of counter that is made to incorporate the size of this type of sink.  What you’re going to find with them is that they can be quite tall, so you need a bit of a smaller countertop to accommodate them, or you’re going to be having to reach your hands pretty high to wash them every time.

But a part of the beauty of glass vessel sinks, is that you can choose all sorts of different options for really accommodating them to the look of your home, for all the different formats for which they can be conformed.  You’ll find that some sinks are made to be clear, so that it almost looks as though they aren’t even there.  But others feature a more colorful composition, and can actually be made to display blue, red and practically any other color hues as well, to give the bathroom a more unique look.  They can even feature different types of shapes as well, so that they can be squared or circular all depending upon your tastes.

Of course, you can also go with all different types of faucets that are perfect for glass vessel sinks so that you can give them a different edge even with the way that water comes out.  The gold standard is probably the bar style faucet as it enables you to get a steady flow of water right in perfect placement so that you can wash your hands with ease.  But then you can also buy those that feature waterfall style faucets as well, so that the water can flow down naturally right down into your hands.  The options are really practically endless.