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Granite Bathroom Sinks

Granite bathroom sinks are a beautiful addition to kitchens and bathrooms.

In order to understand granite bathroom sinks and how they work, let’s go into some of the bigger picture details first.

Granite is a type of igneous rock that is formed deep within the Earth. The source of granite is magma which is then cooled down under great pressure to form a new material that is very dense and hard. After the diamond, granite is the second hardest material around.

This makes granite very resistant to stains and scratches and an excellent material to be used in a variety of utensils and structures to facilitate the tasks of mankind, We are lucky to be living in an era where plenty of such natural elements have been mined and exploited to increase the quality of our lives and make out daily task so much easier.

It can be polished to produce a brilliant luster which makes it a coveted item in the furniture and building industry. There are many colors and shades that are available and when these are turned into sinks. It creates a dazzling array of styles and hues to choose from.

It may even be infused with other materials during its natural formation in the Earth’s structure so you can occasionally find spectrums of other interesting patterns and shades in it as well. It is easy to find a granite sink that would complement the look of the area you wish to place these new sinks in. It can be used indoor and outdoors with great results because of its hardness and durability.

Granite bathroom sinks can withstand high temperature and heat without cracking or chipping at all. It can tolerate hot pans and pots being placed on top of its polished surface and not lose its polished appearance and luster.

It is non-porous and would be able to resist almost all types of stains found in the home. It is stain resistant to most household items and cleaner so you can enjoy the same look you got when it first arrives in your home even years after normal usage of the new sink

The colors of the granite sink for bathrooms would not face even after vigorous use and years of abuse as it is a natural element that occurs naturally. The only drawback of a granite sink is that there is potential for chips to occur only at the exposed edges around the corners.

This can be prevented with a good sealant. A thin coating of epoxy and granite dust would be enough to fix any chips and make the sinks appear new and flawless.

The sinks are very durable and can be rather expensive, but the amount of money you paid to get it would definitely pay off with years of reliable usage and the sheer easiness of maintenance. The surface of the sinks are composed of granite particles and this gives a great strength and durability to the new sinks compares to stainless steel units or other softer materials.

It is easy to clean the sink and keep it looking its best. Simply use warm soapy water and wipe the surface  clean with a soft cloth. Rinse off any troubled spots with a dash of vinegar and rub it clean.

This should be able to remove some of the stubborn stains that are found on surfaces. With the right care, you can ensure that your granite bathroom sink will be there to serve you throughout the years.