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Granite Vanity Top

The granite vanity top is most often found with a bathroom sink.

A vanity top is a counter surface that is manufactured with a sink in it. They can be used in the kitchen, although the most likely place they will be installed is in the bathroom of a home. They can be produced in a number of different materials and if you are looking for a good option a granite vanity top is one of the best available.

Installing a granite vanity top on your home has a number of advantages. Granite is a strong, durable material that will cope well with daily use. This means that it should last many years in good condition. Granite is also an attractive, natural material that comes in a vast array of colors and shades. Not matter the design style you choose for a bathroom therefore, you should be able to find a vanity top made of granite that will match this and compliment the overall style.

Another benefit of a granite vanity top is that as long as it is properly sealed it is easy to clean. No special cleaners are required and a wipe down with a wet cloth should be enough to clean it and keep it looking good. Granite is also a dense, non porous material which resists the build up of bacteria and mildew well. This makes it a sanitary choice for a bathroom.

If you decide to use a granite vanity top in your bathroom these can either be pre-worked or custom made. If you are looking for a pre-worked vanity top made from granite they can be found in home improvement stores such as Home Depot and Lowes. Home Depot for example has a few options in terms of size and the color of the granite. These are available fashioned with one sink or two and the size varies from around 31 inches to 61 inches. Prices for these range from around $200 to $600. There are also other companies that manufacture pre-worked vanity tops from granite in stock sizes and an example of this is Rynone Manufacturing.

If you are considering a custom granite vanity top to fit the specifications of your bathroom these will typically be more expensive to buy. The price will obviously depend on the size of the top required. However there are few companies that provide this service with some of these being Home Granite and Stone by Nature. If you decide to purchase a custom made vanity top in granite it can be a good idea to choose the granite slab yourself if you can. While a chip sample can give you an idea of the look, seeing the granite slab itself will give you a better idea of the finished look you will receive.

Granite is a beautiful and hard wearing material that can add a touch of style and luxury to a room. Using a granite vanity top in your bathroom should therefore provide it with an elegant and stylish appearance. It can therefore be a good option to choose which will add to the overall appeal of your home.